Monday, March 4, 2013

First post - more coming soon!

First off, I want to introduce myself to all of you.

I am a female cyclist who races with Tolero Racing in Southern Arizona.  I have nothing to hide on this page.  In fact, I expect to be incredibly open here.

The idea is that I want to become a better cyclist.  I want to be healthier, lose weight, and win races.

I started racing in July of 2011.  I did two time trials that year, then had a full season of racing last year in 2012.  This year, I have done even more races!

After racing the Colossal Cave Omnium this past weekend and seeing my enormous improvements, knowing that I was racing with Category 3 women and participating in pace lines, neither of which I've done close to successfully - I want to start logging my experiences somewhere that is easily accessible.  I typically have used facebook as a platform to discuss my races, but I'd like to open up what I'm going through to those who I'm not fb friends with.

I am Andrea.  I am a cyclist.  It's nice to meet you.

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