Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's been a while!

It's been ages since I've posted! Not intentionally, as I've been taking photos and actively thinking about posting stuff on here. Just not actually...doing anything.

My goal was one post a week, and I think I'm six weeks back. Don't worry, I won't bombard feeds or anything. I will type up a separate race report on the Southern AZ Omnium, because that requires more than just a flyby of "meh I kinda sucked."

I've been riding about 50 miles/week. I started my climbing training, as that's my main goal this season. In May, I've got South Mountain; in June, I've got Mt. Lemmon and Snowbowl HC; in September/October, I'm doing Kitt Peak and Mt. Graham. Part of it is to win the AZ TT Series, and the other is because I've always wanted to be a better climber.

Yesterday, I had a PR up Lemmon from the base to Windy Point. I did it in 1:52. After judging how I was feeling throughout the ride, my new goal is to hit sub-1:40. It'll take some more training, but I think I'll be able to hit that before the end of the school year. Then it's on to my hour times.

My running has gotten better and better, but my attitude and general experience hasn't. After Tri Camp at Tucson Endurance Performance Center, my form has gotten a LOT better. Unfortunately, my stomach cramps like crazy, and I still look like a crazy person when I run. I finally gave in and bought some cutesy-looking running clothes - they were on sale - but I definitely do not look attractive at all during my workouts. Sometimes, I pity the people driving by me. Hopefully they get a laugh.

I've had some of my fastest miles/half miles this past week. I still haven't ran for more than 25 minutes straight, which is a concern. My goal is to be able to run a straight 5k in the OV Tri next month. Eep!

Swimming has been enjoyable. For some reason, I am super loopy after a swim and I have a tendency to forget things in the locker room. I've left a swim cap, my hand paddles, and even my fucking swimsuit in the span of a month. Part of me feels this means I need a better bag that makes it easier to keep track of my things. Right now, I use a backpack, where I stack everything on top of each other. If I had a sports bag, I could open it up and see everything right there.

On Wednesday, I was able to swim 600 yards straight. I need to be able to do 800 m straight for the OV Tri. I'm almost there. This upcoming Saturday is the OV Tri Kickoff, where I'll get to do an 800m serpentine swim at the same pool as the tri. Hopefully, I'll be able to do the distance and all will be good. I'm also crossing my fingers for an 18 minute time. When I registered, I vastly underestimated my time, and put myself at 24 minutes. I know I can do better than that.

Yoga has been sadly lacking lately. It's probably why my headaches and stress levels are up. I haven't been able to find a good yoga instructor in a good place/time after Arynn left in December, so I've been doing a home practice. Home practice = laziness, going out of poses early, and sore hands because I'm on carpet instead of hardwood floor. I'd like to make an effort to do yoga, especially with the beating my body is taking with all of this training. Today, I did some stretches for the lotus posture (my ankles have trouble handling it), and my hips refused to cooperate. Even if it's just that sequence, I know it will be good for me.

In conclusion, if anyone knows a good vinyasa instructor on the east side of town who gives classes Monday or Thursday evenings, please let me know!

Below are random photos from the past month during training. Enjoy.

Rocking my Garmin Forerunner on my way to my swim.

Post sprint on a training ride on Pistol Hill

Treating myself after Tri Camp

Look ma! I found my paddle!

At Bad Dog last know, in 25mph winds.

Lilah and I post-run today.

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