Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Yeah maybe one year I'll actually update this regularly. I used to be so good about blogging in high school, but that was daily...and I don't think my exercise life is interesting enough to update a blog on a daily basis.

I had an interesting year, filled with promises of being faster, losing weight, and racing. Instead, I got slower, fatter, and did four races - my lowest since racing.

So basically I didn't meet any of my goals for 2016.

These were my goals for 2016:
Post in this damn blog at least once a month and do race recaps - last update was Jan 23rd - boo.
Upgrade to Cat 3 - Nope.
Follow my Training Peaks workouts as accurately as possible - this was pretty successful through April with the exception of my sinus infection issue (I literally had a sinus infection from January through April and it took steroids to get rid of it).
Podium either a RR or Crit - :(
Do yoga 1-2 times every week - I did yoga once a week through the spring, and then sporadically through the rest of the year. Took an acro yin class, which made me feel like a wrapped up baby (but in a good way).
Lose 10-15 pounds by State RR Champs - Naw I gained like 15 lbs this year
Complete my first Olympic Tri - Patagonia! - I trained for it, and was as ready as I could be ...unfortunately, there was a death in the family and family>tri.

Instead of wallowing in sorrow over my poor choices and bad luck, I'm going to look forward to 2017.

Here are my 2017 goals:
Race at least 2 road races
Race at least 2 crits
Race at least 5 time trials
Race one summer tri and Patagonia Olympic in October
Goal weight of 150 lbs (I don't even want to tell you how far away I am from that right's bad)
Get back to an FTP of 200 watts
Swim 100 yds  <1:50
<1 hr 10k run
At least 50 yoga classes on Gaia

Post in this thing at least once a month and provide race recaps

How will I accomplish this? First, by actually training. I had some serious lazy issues this past year. Second, we've got a TON of women racing with Tolero this season! We've got at least six amazing women - two of whom are almost ready to cat up! This should be great motivation to get me out and riding. Also, Mike and I recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr, along with a Zwift membership. The interactive component of Zwift, the ease of using the Kickr, along with the ridiculous amount of money we spent should be strong motivation to keep active throughout the winter and on rainy/busy days. I'll be doing an FTP test in the next day or two and then begin using some of the training/events Zwift offers.

In conclusion, I'm excited to see what the athletic side of 2017 brings.

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Here are some fun race/ride pictures from the past year:

My first ride on my ENVE wheels up Lemmon!

Thug life headed home after watching the TBC Circuit Race

Shooutout with Carolyn and Carol! I dropped several groups and rolled all the way to Helmet Peak!

INSANELY windy ride up to Molino with Marisa!

Just another Lemmon ride!

Rented some beach cruisers in Santa Barbara to get from the beach to downtown shops!

Free entry! That was pretty cool. I get to push it out to 2017 since I missed it this year!

SUMMERHAVEN! I got amazing pizza and cookies! (if you can't tell, my hair is SOAKED with sweat from riding for four hours in July)

My least favorite part of Lemmon - miles 15-16!

Hubsy and I at Palisades.


Tri for Kindness 2016!

My first Sabino run! Only a 5k, but I worked my way up to the whole thing!

My beautiful wetsuit that I can't wait to use!

Picked up some new kicks for trail running. Sad I haven't gotten to do much of that since buying them!

I DID IT! Sabino tram road out and back! 1:40 total time. Whew.

My second crit of the December. I can't wait to race with/against these lovely ladies in 2017!

I don't want to look like this anymore. Fat and off the back.

The new trainer! It's so purty!

Screen shot of my Zwift ride from yesterday. I had planned on doing Lemmon, but it was a little too rainy for that. In its place, I did a big climb on my trainer. Not sure I wanna do the opposite direction yet....

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