Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fitness Update!

Things haven't been QUITE as active as I hoped, but I'm making progress!

I've done at least a half hour of yoga every day since January 1st. I'm doing the GaiamTV Commit to You 2015 guide, and it's been awesome. My favorite class so far has been a Kundalini class. I loved how we moved through the breath. It was really cool. My ass hurt for three days straight and I ended up missing my Monday yoga class.

I rode with Tolero last Saturday morning. It was FREEZING! With a nickname of Viking Blood, you'd think I'd be okay in those freezing temps. Nope. I was decked out in a base layer, double layered gloves, leg warms, toe covers, head warmers, and a full zip vest, and I STILL couldn't feel certain parts of my body. I rode with Evan, Randy, and my husband. I got dropped after about 12 miles, and met up with Marco. We eventually regrouped, and I unfortunately got dropped AGAIN as we approached Ridgeside. I made it to the Sag East monument and then rode back. The husband met up with me and we rode back to our starting point. Here are some shots of us after the ride.

I commuted on Wednesday morning, and I was very disappointed that I couldn't ride home in the beautiful 70 degree Tucson temps - I changed my last name and spent two hours of my life at the MVD. It was THE WORST!

Today, I got invited to participate in a coached swim at the UofA Rec Center for $5. I GLADLY paid that money for a coach to work with me on my stroke, considering that's where I'm weakest in terms of skill with multisport racing. It started out kind of awkward. Not knowing ANYONE, and having very little experience in swimming drills made things difficult for me. The pool was awesome, and I got to try out my Garmin Forerunner in the water (I made a mistake in the setup, so it claimed I swam 5000 km - whoops).

I met Robin and Janna, who are part of Excell coaching. I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to a coach, but they did a great job. Janna worked with me on my stroke. I still struggle with how I'm supposed to rotate my body, and it's really difficult to know what your arms are doing when your face is in the water, but I got a lot of positive feedback by the end of the practice session. Sometimes I was so focused on what I was doing, I crashed into several of the other ladies in my lane. Luckily, they were doing it to each other, so I didn't feel TOO bad.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on doing a couple hour ride. I'm considering Lemmon, as the temps are gorgeous, but we'll see. I just need to get back on my bike. Balancing work, exercise, and relaxation time is never fun, especially when it's cold and all you want to do is lay in bed!!!


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